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Gregor Singleton

Gregor Singleton, E-RYT-500, is a Master Baptiste teacher and began training with Baron Baptiste in 2000. He co-facilitated bootcamps and teacher trainings with Baron from 2004 to 2011. Native to Scotland, Gregor studied English Literature and Theatre at Trinity College, Dublin and trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

When Gregor found Baptiste Yoga he at once saw that its intense physicality offered unique opportunities for breaking free of disempowering cycles. More fully engaged with his body, he began to see that the truest form of self expression was not to be on a stage playing at being someone else, but to fully and completely inhabit his own being.

Gregor draws on his experience with literature and the dramatic arts in his delivery of Baptiste Yoga. He is known for his philosophical and expansive, yet grounded approach to the teachings of yoga.

Mark Finneran

Mark Finneran is a Certified Baptiste teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience, including 10 years at the Baptiste Studios in Cambridge and Brookline. He was honored with the title of Boston’s Best Yoga Instructor in 2013 by Boston Magazine. Mark has studied with Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rea, Rolf Gates, Claire Este-McDonald, and Gregor Singleton.

A former college volleyball player, Mark trained for years to run road races and marathons. When Mark found Baptiste Yoga, it offered him a reprieve from the aches and pains he’d grown accustomed to after a lifetime of competitive sports. Mark learned first-hand that yoga has the power to heal and transform, and can be enjoyed by everyone and every BODY. Mark draws upon a combination of mind, breath and physicality to deliver a powerful class that is challenging, fun and accessible to all levels.

Jane Cargill

Jane Cargill

Jane Cargill used to teach with us blahblahblahblahblah.

Nick Dickinson

Nick Dickinson is a Certified Baptiste teacher and participated in the Baptiste Institute’s FIT to Lead Program. He has been assisting Institute training programs since 2011 and has been on both the teaching and management team at Baptiste Yoga Boston since 2010.

Nick has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation for over 30 years. In 1996 he was ordained as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition and spent the next 10 years teaching meditation and ritual arts with a Buddhist organization that took him all over the world.

Nick’s teaching is solidly rooted in the classical foundations of breath, bandhas, and drishti. You can expect his classes to be rigorous and creative while firmly grounded in the classical teachings of yoga.

Emily Shea

Emily Shea is a 500-hour Certified Baptiste teacher.  She started practicing at the Cambridge studio in 2001, did her first training with Baron Baptiste in 2003, and has been teaching in the Baptiste Boston studios for over 10 years.

Her early teachers -- some with recognizable names, some teaching humbly in church basements -- inspired in her a love for the physicality of the practice, the mental calm that physicality brings, and the possibilities for transformation naturally opened up from there.  She aims to bring that same sense of joy and possibility to her classes.   

Emily is the mother of three kids, a former lawyer and now the owner of Kickstand Cafe in Arlington.

Rachael Lappen

Rachael Lappen, E-RYT 500, is a 500 hour Certified Baptiste teacher. She has been teaching at Baptiste Yoga Boston since 2009, has trained extensively with Baron Baptiste, and regularly assists Baron at trainings and programs.

Rachael stumbled upon Baptiste Yoga on a friend’s recommendation in December 2002. A former competitive swimmer, she was sure that her “high intensity” lifestyle and yoga would not mesh. After one class, she was in awe of the physical and mental breakthroughs she experienced. With a degree in Biology from Clark University and a background as a Scientist, she is specifically interested in the intricacies between science and yoga and the balance between the two. 

Rachael's classes, rooted in Baptiste methodology, offer simple and concrete tools to access a deeply physical experience that will challenge your perspective of your world off of your mat and invite you to smile with her along the way.

Masaaki Okamura

Masaaki Okamura

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Masaaki Okamura for Hot Yoga Classes at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Einat Peled-Katz

Einat Peled-Katz

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Einat Peled-Katz for Hot Yoga Classes at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Emily Griffin

For Emily Griffin, living well is all about flow. In college, major digestive disorders sapped Emily’s energy, disrupted her once clear skin, and stole precious time from her busy schedule. What’s worse, Emily found that she wasn’t being taken seriously by her once trusted doctors. Frustrated, she began researching homeopathic and Ayurvedic modalities, and began practicing yoga regularly. Though she had been athletic her entire life, it wasn’t until she discovered yoga that she felt a positive shift in her entire body. Ayurveda helped Emily learn which food worked especially for her. Combined with yoga and holistic healing, her health returned, and she found she was feeling better than ever. When a studio manager reached out to her to teach yoga, it was a dream come true: Emily could now help others feel as good as she did.

These days, through her yoga classes and as an Ayurvedic practitioner, Emily helps clients throughout New England strike the balance between living well, but not becoming obsessed by the latest wellness trends.

There is a give and take—a flow—to living healthy, and she’s a firm believer that, when paired with a mindful approach to food and movement, laughing with friends and the occasional indulgence go a long way to living well.

Emily is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, 500hr certified yoga teacher & Ayurvedic yoga specialist.

She is a lululemon athletica ambassador and a member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). Emily is based in Boston.

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Ansley DeLaney

Ansley DeLaney has been teaching infant development classes for the last 3 years in New York and, now, in Boston. In 2014, she trained with Ellynne Skove of "Go Go Babies" and completed her 30hr certification. Recently, Ansley has achieved Level 1 Reiki certification with Emily Peterson. Ansley has a BFA from The Boston Conservatory and is looking forward to getting her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Down Under Yoga in the coming months. 

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Patricia Walden
Director Brookline

Patricia Walden<br>Director Brookline

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Patricia Walden for Iyengar Yoga Classes at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Peentz Dubble
Director Newton

Peentz Dubble<br> Director Newton

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Peentz Dubble for Iyengar Yoga at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Carin Allen

Carin Allen

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Carin Allen for Iyengar Yoga Classes at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Tristan Boyer Binns

Tristan Boyer Binns

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Tristan Boyer Binns for Restorative Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, and Ropes at Down Under School of Yoga.

Jarvis Chen

Jarvis Chen

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Jarvis Chen for Iyengar Yoga Classes at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Susan Elena Esquivel

Susan Elena Esquivel

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Susan Elena Esquivel for Iyengar Yoga Classes at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Marysia Gensler

Marysia Gensler

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Marysia Gensler for Iyengar and Gentle Yoga Classes at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Kris Manjapra

Harvard PhD and fellow, History Professor at Tufts of global intellectual history, and named a 2015 Emerging Scholar by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, Kris Manjapra is a little bit special. 

Read More about How Kris Promotes Inclusiveness in Yoga

Kris came to Iyengar yoga as a graduate student struggling with stress and anxiety. With guidance and commitment to the practice, he began to discover the intelligence of the body and found more than he expected, a different way of experiencing daily life. "Iyengar yoga leads us to explore and witness the relationships between the different parts of our embodiment, cultivating relaxation, balance, spaciousness and strength."   Through close study Patricia Walden and Jarvis Chen, he received his Introductory Level I/II Certification in 2015, and spent a month studying at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India. As a practitioner of Iyengar yoga for the past eight years, his style of teaching is marked by joy, clarity of instruction, intensity, and kindness. His depth of interest in BKS Iyengar’s wisdom and philosophy is also often shared in his classes. A drive to increasing diversity, inclusiveness and equality, informs where he is committed to offering socio-economic access to yoga. He states, "Yoga practice shines light not just on our personal embodiment, but also on social formations of race, class, gender and sexuality, and I seek to teach within that light."

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Roz Malcom

Roz Malcom

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Roz Malcom for Iyengar Yoga Classes at Down Under School of Yoga. 

Jo McKendry

Jo McKendry

Join Boston Yoga Teacher Jo McKendry for Iyengar Yoga Classes at Down Under School of Yoga.